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Simple answers to difficult queries

1. What is cloud 9?

A peaceful living amidst nature, in individual villas.

2. Where exactly is cloud 9?

It is in the village Bommasandra, off Hosur Road.

3. How quickly can i reach there?

If you are in Electronic City, it takes less than 5 minutes from Cloud 9, Narayana Hrudayalaya is just a 2 minutes drive.

4. how big is project cloud 9?

The project is 30 acres in total and 17 acres to start with.

5. How big is my neighbourhood at cloud 9?

You’ll have 128 friendly and elite neighbours including you, in the beginning (Phase 1)

6. Can i custom plan my own villa?

Oh, not really, Its because we don't want to tose the alignment.

6. Can i custom plan my own villa?

Oh, not really, Its because we don't want to tose the alignment.

7. Then can i get the unique features what am i looking for in a villa?

Yes. You have a wide choice. You can pick from any of the 8 types of villas that we have on offer.

8. Can i do some gardening around the villa?

Yes you can,only at the backyard of your villa as all the other areas including the frontage of the villa in cloud 0 are landscaped by our professionals.

9. Can i know more about cloud 9?

Cloud 9 has more of open space and nature, and less of bricks and concrete. A jogging track encircles the land. A top class clubhouse and large spaces for children to play around.

10. What are the facilities that the clubhouse offers?

Facilities for a fit and healthy living, including a gym & swimming pool, indoor badminton court, table tennis and a party hall to celebrate various events.

11. How do i become a member of the club and what are the charges?

Very simple. You are enrolled as a member automatically once you buy a villa. And the charges depend on your usage.

12. Can you tell about the security aspect in cloud 9?

Cloud 9 is secured all around by hitech security systems and entries are monitored by professional security agencies.

Simple answers to your financial queries

1. How do i calculate my total cost for the villa I Select?

Primarily the cos of land and construction added up with government charges and deposits.

2. What do you mean by Government charges and deposits?

the government charges are land registration charges, Khata charges and taxes to the local bodies. the deposits include BESCOM deposits and BBWSSB deposit and maintenance deposit to cloud 9’s owners association.

3. Do I get financial assistance from Banks?

Yes. Our project cloud 9 is approved by leading Financial Institutions which are readily awaiting to fund you ( subject to the proof of your financial strength to repay). However you are also free to approach any bank of your choice and we readily assist you with necessary documentation.

4. What is my initial/schedule of payments?

Rs. 1 Lakh as booking amount and 25% of the total cost on allotment and agreement, 25% on registration of plot and the balance amount at various stages of construction.

Simple Answers to your legal queries

1. Does cloud 9 have a clear and marketable title?

Yes. Cloud 0 has a clear and marketable title and always readily available for your counsel’s inspection.

2. Is cloud 9 converted for residential purpose?

Yes. Cloud 9 is converted for residential purpose.

3. Is cloud 9 approved by BMRDA?

Yes. BMRDA has approved cloud 9-vide no. BMRDA/LAO/148/2005-06

4. What is the procedure to get the villa of my choice conveyed in my favour?

Upon receipt of your application with booking charges, you will be entering into an agreement for the total consideration with the schedule of payment. Upon the required payments are made by you, the company will get the plot registered in your favour and necessary planning permits will be obtained in your favour. A separate agreement for construction will also be made and upon completion of the villa and receipt of entire payment from your side, a letter of handing over from us will make you “The Proud Owner” of the Property.


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