It isn't just a promise. It's a culture at Sarash WWE. We promise you a response from us within 24 hours from your contacting us, over email or phone.

Local Language

Support We can handle even the chastest Japanese-speaking customer. Our Japanese-trained customer care resources greet & treat you with unparalleled understanding. The fact that one of our Directors (who oversees the CC Team), is well-versed in Japanese, underlines the importance we give to our Japanese customers. Ohayo!

Bankers Support

We have the trust and full-fledged support of a national banking major - Oriental Bank of Commerce, who is our long-standing banker. We are equipped to handle any amount of LC. Thereby, ensuring fastest possible processing of transactions.

Design Delights

We have been critically acclaimed for our capabilities of understanding and converting the industry's best & complex designs into monumental structures. We achieve this through using gauges or templates, at times in dozens for a single monument. All you need is to give us a design and see it evolving into a master piece.