Cornerstones of Our Quality Policy

We maintain Japanese Quality Standards in all aspects. Every block of raw material that enters our factory is chosen through a thorough preinspection. Such pre-inspection ensures that each of the chosen blocks is mole-free and defect-free and only a perfect stone block is fed into the cutting machine from level one. Nevertheless, this pre-inspection is only a small part of a major and intrinsic activity that keeps hawkishly inspecting further the inner areas of the stone blocks for any other flaws, as they are cut and carved at different stages!

Subsequently, the stringent stage-wise inspection at every level: the sawn slab, metal polish level, resin polish level, carving and hand polish level ensures no damage or defect passes unnoticed & uncorrected. This is in accordance with the Japanese approach that a final inspection of the finished product isn't by itself fool proof enough and it doesn't guarantee 100% quality assurance. In fact, we have imbibed this as our work culture!

Thus, more than two decades of experience of working with the Japanese has gone so deep into our system that we follow the same standards of inspection for our Western products too. This approach is well received and appreciated among our European customers and in fact has helped us grow newer markets, like Germany in particular, a country known for its passion for perfection.


We are driven by values, with honesty & integrity as our corner stones. Come what may, superficial chemicals and coloring agents are never used in any stage of our process. We believe in providing the best for our customer's money and believe in building relationships that last ages and not agers!

Product Inspection by Mr. Fuji Sawa, our long - standing Japanese customer at our factory


We have long standing tie-ups with Black Stone Quarries at Warrangal, Andhra Pradhesh and Sholinganallur, Tamil Nadu - for Premium Black stones - Dark & Medium Stones (marketed in the Japanese Market as "Taj" & "Silk" - very closed grains & a little open grains) and the Jet Black - "Desk" / "Ketty". Thus, we have a steady and adequate inflow of raw materials into our factory. Also, we maintain regular stocks of fast-moving rough blocks at our factory as a practice. Even in case of monument orders that involve rare granites, through our time-tested sourcing associations, we are enabled to deliver them within minimal lead periods. Therefore, we are able to offer one of the shortest turn-around time to our customers.


Inspection as part of Process

While having an inspection team is an industry-wide practice, we believe in having inspection as part of the work flow itself. At Sarash WWE, every workman in the respective section is entrusted with the responsibility to deliver a defect-free product through his level of operation. Our Quality System is led by the Head of Quality, who guides the Quality supervisor, who in turn oversees the deliverables from the workmen under him.

360 Degree Inspection

Also, a specific emphasis is given on a 360 degree check, once the monument gets into the proper shape. It is stringently checked for cracks, hairline cracks, moles, unevenness, and grains. We also examine in particular the quality and properness of the polish, as at times, some of the sides and edges might get missed out and remain underpolished. In such cases, polishing is redone to ensure overall smoothness and finesse.

Elimination of Minor Defects

As the raw material is natural and not manmade, the best way to deliver a quality product is to size out the required monument as a whole from a singular block. This eliminates minor defects like moles, lines and color variations. It also enables matching the grains for the same set of products and totally keeping major defects like cracks, blast cracks, quartz content, bay.


Technically, there's a lot of difference in the finish achieved between bed polish and hand polish. Some intricate monuments need polish by hand and are too delicate to be polished by machine. Nevertheless, our hand polish team get such monuments meticulously hand-polished and ensures they have the same finesse of a machine-polished monument.

Sea-worthy Packing

We understand the challenges our ornate monuments face on their way to our customers. The generally effective packaging techniques for inland transportation, are unfortunately rendered ineffective in cross-global transportation. So, we painstakingly ensure sea-worthy packing that survives most fathomable adverse scenarios through the following:

  • Tailor - made customised wooden palettes
  • Thick Bubble wraps
  • Compressed corrugated pieces in the corners to withstand pressure
  • Contents - in laminated labels on the palette exteriors
  • Corners | fine edges fixed with metal pieces

Thus we have been able to sustain our reputation for best packing techniques for the last 21 years.